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Constant Voltage Transformer


Optimum performance of sophisticated electronic equipment is highly dependent on the stability of the mains voltage. The continuously fluctuating mains supply, transients, spikes & surges produce harmful effects. ‘bluebird’ constant voltage transformer gives an effective solutions to all these problems. Constant voltage transformers are based on Ferraro-Resonance Principle & it consists of two basic components i.e. Ferraro-Resonant transformer and capacitor. ‘bluebird’ constant voltage transformers are ideally suitable for computers & like systems. Data processing equipment, Bio–Medical equipment, Telecommunication equipment. Telex, EPABX, Electronic Typewriter, Fax Machines and any other sophisticated electronic equipment which requires a precise mains supply.


  • High reliability as no semi conductors/moving parts used
  • Provide relatively sine wave output irrespective of quality of input wave shape
  • Instantaneous voltage regulation
  • Output highly isolated from mains for suppression of transients & spikes
  • Short-term over load capacity
  • Intrinsic current limiting & short circuit protection
  • Higher input voltage control range for load less than rated load