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Step Down Transformer


Power transformers are mainly used for converting power level from one level to another. They can include features for electrical isolation, power distribution, and control and instrumentation applications. Transformers typically rely on the principle of magnetic induction between coils to convert voltage and/or current levels.

Power transformers can be constructed as either a toroidal or laminated transformers. Toroidal transformers typically have copper wire wrapped around a cylindrical core so the magnetic flux, which occurs within the coil, doesnít leak out, the coil efficiency is good, and the magnetic flux has little influence on other components. Laminated transformers contain laminated-steel cores; they are also called E-I transformers. These steel laminations are insulated with a nonconducting material, such as varnish, and then formed into a core that reduces electrical losses. Power transformers can be categorized as autotransformer, control transformer, currant transformer, distribution transformer, power transformer, step-up transformer, and step-down transformer. Mountings available for power transformers include chassis mount, dish or dish mount, enclosure or free standing H frame, and PCB mount.